We can produce interactive solutions that will take your presentations to a whole new level. So far we have made interactive solutions of major construction projects, industrial procedures, new products as well as custom made games for industrial companies. Interactive solutions can be used for sales purposes to display products, training purposes or any presentation of simulations or displays.


Video and animation is a powerful way of engaging audience and trigger interest. By appealing to multiple senses, animations can give a lasting impression to emphasis the brand equity, and what better way to discover a brand or learn about a new product?


Video and animations is important tools to explain complex solution and services through visualization. We design and bring to life your ideas and visions and translate them through every pixel!


Salt Pixel’s still images and illustrations are rendered and composed creations designed to communicate our client’s products or projects the best way possible with today’s technology. We make sure to focus on the qualities of each individual project, and to reflect brand Identity. Our strength is not only to create stunning and realistic images, but also to add a strong unique expression to every project! We pride ourselves in the quality of our work.


Our goal is to enhance your vision through every pixel!


The 3D modeling service we provide is to create a virtual three-dimensional model of a planned project, construction, product or simply just a vision our clients have in their mind. We can create models from easy hand or digital drawings as well as more detailed plans and 2D sketches. 3D modeling is used in many different industries, such as game developments, architecture, virtual reality, medical, etc. Our focus is mainly on the defence, marine, ocean and land based industries.


Salmon Zero

Summer of 2016, Eide Fjordbruk applied for three development concessions to the concept “Salmon Zero”, which is a closed containment solution with recycling of production water. The project was developed based on the master thesis Erlend Eide wrote at NTNU, which combines the premier technology from land based farming and other industries with efficiency, area […]

Three good ways to utilize interactive solutions

Product specification app: Ever wanted to buy a product but there are so many options and add-ons that you spend too much time getting full insight in your options? Spending too much time and loosing patience? Make it easy for your customers to customize your products by using an interactive solution, making all options and […]

Everything is possible in the world of 3D

Check out our Showreel! Video and animation is a powerful way of engaging your audience and trigger interest. By appealing to multiple senses, animations can give a lasting impression. Video and animations is effective tools to explain complex solutions and services that is not easily explained in words. Images and illustrations have the ability to convey abstract and complex concepts […]

Compete with conceptual design

Hard economic times coupled with adverse conditions on the global market that are harming all businesses working in the affected industry. We are seeing these circumstances time and time again. Not only did we get used to seeing them – they are also becoming a prevailing condition that most businesses all across the industries spectrum […]

5 Reasons to make an animation or visualization of your products

Have you ever wondered about the power and impact a highest quality, premium Animation could bring to your business, conversions and ultimately – profits?   What if we told you that the latest research showed that potential (and existing) Customers react just as positively (if not more positively) when being presented with the exceptional, attractive […]

Image for ØPD and Marine Harvest

Image made for ØPD and Marine Harvest by Salt Pixel If you are curious about what this donut shaped cage is, find out by reading the fresh article at   Need images for your product brochure, exhibition stand, press release, ad or whatever…? we can make stunning images printable in all sizes. Questions? […]

Fully booked prior to Aqua Nor 2017

The interest in animations and illustrations has really been boosted within the aquaculture sector. One of the reason is believed to be the tough competition for development licenses where there is a definite need to visualize ideas and visionary projects in order to be able to describe the different technologies and concepts. In addition to […]

Marine Donut

Salt pixel is awarded a new contract! This time with ØPS. We will make an animation of their amazingly exciting concept, the Marine Donut. Marine Harvest has applied for eight development licenses for testing and development of a new type of closed cage technology made by ØPD. «Marine Donut» is a fully-fledged and escape-proof facility, shaped like […]

Meet Our New Mascot

This Salt Pixel Mascot is under development and will soon be ready to come to life. The Mascot will be our virtual representative and will represent us wherever we make an appearance. This is a strong, highly complex and beautiful creature with strong lines and glory in every pixel. The Mascot will be a testimony […]

Won Contract With Total Lubmarine

Salt Pixel just signed a contract with Total Lubmarine for delivery of a new interactive system. The end system will be deployed both as an app and a online system. The system will focus on product display and illustrate areas of use for the Total Lubmarines products such as lubricants and greases. Salt Pixel competed […]


3D visualizations & ModellingWe enhance your vision with every Pixel!

Just like a grain of salt enhances flavor, we enhance your vision with every pixel. Salt Pixel has some of the best 3D artists in the industry and with a great span of skills the company is specializing in photo-realistic visuals that create a lasting impact! Whether you have an idea you need to visualize, a product prototype to sell, a concept to realize or a development license to apply for, we can help you bring the ideas from inside your head to a strong visual message!