3D modeling services and visualization

We have extensive expertise in creating compelling imagery with 3d-computation. Our 3d modeling services are state of the art in the industry. We can create a virtual three-dimensional model of a planned project, construction, product or simply just a vision our clients have in their mind. We can create models from easy hand or digital drawings as well as more detailed plans and 2D sketches.

Our artists assure to bring your visualization from sketch to the final product.

Main focus always is about the right ambience fitting your idea, brand or product. In close cooperation we create magic.

3D modeling is used in many different industries, such as game developments, architecture, virtual reality, medical, etc. Our focus is mainly on the defence, ocean and land based industries.

Ocean industries:
• Maritime, Aquaculture, Marine, Industrial products, Subsea, Offshore, Oil & gas, Cruise ships & Defence

Land industries:
• Refineries, Road & bridge constructions, Industrial products, Cars & trucks & Defence.