Our clients

Why choose Salt Pixel? See what our clients think!

"We chose Salt Pixel because they came up with a creative and effective storyboard for our marketing movie. The animation they produced are in a very good quality and we use it actively in our marketing."

-Furuno Norway-

"I really appreciate your professionalism, efficiency and reactivity to our requests, not to mention the render of Dry bulk equipment graphics.
A pure pleasure to work together." - Olivier Suming

-Total Lubmarine-

"Salt Pixel have done an incredible job creating eye catching models and animations that really capture the environment that our systems are operating in, providing informative and striking representations of how our equipment is deployed."

-Ace Aquatec-

"Saltpixel’s dynamic and dramatic rendering of Siem Offshore Contractor’s installation support vessel Siem Moxie was an eye catching image, even featuring on the front cover of a renewable energy publication."

-Siem Offshore Contractors-

"Salt Pixel has been with us since our start, and it was important for us to present our first product in a great and credible manner.
An animation film like the one Salt Pixel has created for us is very informative in terms of both installation and how to use the feeder.
Graphics and animations are of very high quality, and the co-founder, Remi Johnsen in Salt Pixel show that he is listening to the customer and get every point that has been discussed along the way.
We were also able to place additional products at a short notice.
Aquality are very pleased with the quality of work that Salt Pixel performs and will continue to use Salt pixel on presentations of Our new products."


"We approached Saltpixel for a promotional product based animation as an alternative to traditional filmed media. Due to the subsea nature of our products, traditional filmmaking is awkward. From the start of the process Saltpixel gave us tremendous support and even visited for the initial storyboarding etc. The process of animation was very quick and input from us was as minimal and painless. The final outcome was fantastic and has given us as an animation which can be customised and updated as future products evolve – not something that can be achieved with film! The quality of the animation is outstanding, slick and very professional. We cannot thank you enough for your hard work."

-Blueprint Subsea-

"To work with Saltpixel is a true pleasure.
Their positive attitude, their advice and knowledge on how things can be done and their professional way of solving difficult assignments makes them really easy to work with. PALFINGER MARINE continuously develop new and innovative products and to be able to show the market how it looks and how it works is crucial to succeed. Quite often we are not able to have real pictures or film as you cannot catch the entire product or system with a camera lens, but with animations and illustrations you can show everything in a very informative way. The high quality on Saltpixels work is in the top range of what you can imagine is possible and they have surprised us several times with their final results and how real they can make things look.
Overall they have contributed in a fantastic way to our marketing and to place PALFINGER MARINE among the top suppliers of deck equipment and handling solutions."


"We engaged SaltPixel to visualize our latest project. Their ability to capture details and to create natural moving objects and scenery was absolutely stunning, and we have decided to continue working with them. This is the ideal way to present our projects. One such animation is worth 1000 photos!"

-Nacom Energy-

"Working with Salt Pixel has been a great collaboration so far, where Salt Pixel has delivered good and descriptive illustrations. They have had a good task understanding and a fast delivery.”

-Karl Erik Bekkeli - Project manager - Salaks-