Breaking records

Salt Pixel has been in a hectic period in recent months, but soon reaches the finishline of all the deliveries to the aquaculture industry prior to Aqua Nor next week. The company increased its investment towards the aquaculture industry two years ago when the oil and gas industry went into a tough time. The strategic turnaround was made on time and the company has established itself as a strong player in the sector. In recent years, they have provided a huge amount of illustrations, wall designs, animations and interactive solutions for large and small customers within the aquaculture industry. Aqua Nor this year has been a confirmation of the company’s position in the industry and the order intake has been high and continues to increase.


Aqua Nor has been a milestone for us this year because we have had a record order intake related to the fair. The amount of inquiries has simply been massive and many have contacted us to help them create an impact through high quality illustrations and animations for Aqua Nor. We have had to work hard to reach the finish line, but now we are almost ther, and we are really looking forward to seeing the results represented at several exhibitors during the show,” says Remi Johnsen, CEO and Co Founder of Salt Pixel.


Salt Pixel has many customers in the aquaculture industry and specializes in this sector. The company has its own team that works only with aquaculture customers, and this provides a unique expertise and insight.


AKVA group, Samba, Aquality, Marine harvest, ØPD, Scanbio, Aqua scan and Praxair are among those who have ordered Salt Pixel visualization services for the show.


Here you will find links to Aqua Nor’s official page if you wish to visit some of the Salt Pixel customers to see the results of the effort:


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