Revolutionary technology in fish farming

In this project we have assisted Salaks and NSK with visual materials for use in presentation at conferences and other platforms.
FjordMAX is a semi-packed, fully integrated and escape-free breeding platform where all operations are carried out within one platform. With the new technology, Salaks AS will be able to multiply production and reduce organic emissions by 90% on new and existing sites! 


Overview – Image by Salt Pixel

“With this technology, we can increase production within a reduced area of what the fish farming industry seizes today. At the same time as both previously used and new coastal areas are made available. We think it is an exciting project and looks forward to the further process.
Working with Salt Pixel has been a great collaboration so far, where SaltPixl has delivered good and descriptive illustrations. They have had a good task understanding and a fast delivery.” says project manager Karl Erik Bekkeli


FjordMAX is a triangular steel bearing with three production units, the main dimensions being 165 meters long, 153 meters wide, 6 meters high. The production units have a diameter of 66 meters. The total capacity of the platform is 7020 tonnes MTB. Investment costs for the project are estimated at NOK 544 million.


“Our mission was to contribute to the development of a concept that provides efficient land use, is safe and provides the basis for the greatest possible production within a limited geographical area without unacceptable environmental impact, “says Thomas Myhre, Sales Manager at NSK Ship Design.


Large platform that provides spacious working conditions – Image by Salt Pixel



“Salt Pixel has been involved in this project for only a few months, but within relatively short time we managed to produce a nice looking animation, several images and a brochure.
We now have a big team of skilled artists, which means we can add more people to projects that require more or have a challenging deadline. We are proud to deliver such good quality in such a short time and I think our clients appreciate that as well, ” says Remi A. Johnsen, CEO of Salt Pixel