Fully booked prior to Aqua Nor 2017

The interest in animations and illustrations has really been boosted within the aquaculture sector. One of the reason is believed to be the tough competition for development licenses where there is a definite need to visualize ideas and visionary projects in order to be able to describe the different technologies and concepts. In addition to this the CEO of Salt Pixel describes increased competition, a professionalism in the marketing efforts and an increased need to communicate throughout the industry. As a lot of the technology is located below the surface of the oceans, visualization and animation is a very effective way of communicating complex systems and solutions.


 “It has taken a while but in the little over two years we have been working towards the Aquaculture industry a lot has happened”, says Remi Johnsen, Co- Founder and CEO of Salt Pixel. 


One of our first clients in this sector was AKVA group where we developed an interactive solution for showcasing their products. The solution was part of their stand at Aqua Nor 2015. We have also supplied various animations and illustrations to other aquaculture companies like BMK Genetics, Eide Fjordbruk, Storvik, Aqua Pharma, Europharma, Norsk Oppdrettsservice, Fjordservice, Aqua Circle, Aquatic, Liftup, Ace Aquatec and several others, earning quite a track record within this industry” says Remi Johnsen.  


 Salt Pixel was founded a little over two years ago and after the collapse in the Oil and Gas Sector they managed to turn it around and very quickly focused their effort to the defence, marine and aquaculture industries. This has proven to be a successful strategy. 


 “Today we are 40 employees with offices in 4 countries. 8 employees in Norway, the rest in Singapore, Canada and Hanoi. However we are still growing, the order intake today is so high that we could easily employ at least 20-30 more people. The problem so far has been to find qualified people, but we are on a constant search for standout talents”, He continues. 


So far Salt Pixel have not lost a single tender they have competed for. The upside to this has been huge and the company has already been established as one of the best renowned 3D and visualization companies in the sector. 


“Our approach has been to compete on price but never to compromise on quality in our deliveries”, Remi Explains. “Something that has given us an advantage in an industry with no history of huge investments in this kind of projects”.


At the moment the company is fully booked with work to be done prior to one of the most prestigious Aquaculture Exhibitions in the world, Aqua Nor. Since 1979, Aqua Nor has been an important international meeting place for the aquaculture industry, and it is today the world’s largest aquaculture technology exhibition.


“We are to the limit of our capacity and is in a situation where we have had to turn potential customers down if they have deadlines prior to Aqua Nor in August” Remi continues.


One of the biggest deliveries for this exhibition is an animation for AKVA group presenting the complete value chain of technology and services from AKVA group. 


“We have worked with Salt Pixel for little over two years now and we are impressed with the quality of their deliveries. The quality of the visualizations and animations are simply amazing. We are really looking forward to see our showreel complete and to launch it during Aqua Nor. No doubt we have high expectations, but knowing Salt Pixel and their team I am sure they will deliver!” Says Renate Hjørnevik, Director of Marketing & Communication in AKVA group.