We can produce interactive solutions that will take your presentations to a whole new level.
So far we have made interactive solutions of major construction projects, industrial procedures, new products as well as custom made games for industrial companies.
To mention a few examples of where interactivity can be used in both learning and marketing:
– New ship designs or constructions
– New rig constructions
– Product presentations
– Interactive sales applications
– Virtual reality
– Augmented reality
– E-Learning
Interactive solutions in learning purposes can for example give the user a complete freedom to explore the area and experience all the consequences and potential mistakes they certainly should not experience when they’re at work. We have the impression that this gives a totally different understanding of how things work and why procedures are as they are.
In construction projects as for example new ships or oil rigs we have given our clients the opportunity to move freely across the new constructions. In that way they could illuminate nearby amenities, view detailed information about different objects and see potential escape routes etc.
If our clients have products they want to present without bringing the physical product with them, we can create an interactive sales app. A sale app may contain information, images, animations, and 3D models of products. One of the most powerful way of presenting your products or corporate profile is to use interactive systems. From a simple 360 degree rotatable product presentation, to the most complex interactive sales support systems, we can deliver a solution that best fit your needs and your budget.
The visual quality of these presentations will be as realistic as possible with today’s technology.