Salmon Zero

Summer of 2016, Eide Fjordbruk applied for three development concessions to the concept “Salmon Zero”, which is a closed containment solution with recycling of production water. The project was developed based on the master thesis Erlend Eide wrote at NTNU, which combines the premier technology from land based farming and other industries with efficiency, area access, experience and the established value chain for food production in the sea.


In an interview with, Erlend points out the importance of being able to control all water parameters and to exclude threats such as lice and disease pathogens, etc., pointing to the benefits of stable temperature, oxygen and salinity. These should create optimal conditions for the salmon / trout. He also refers to research conducted by Nofima, which indicates that the use of brackish water gives less mortality, lower feed rate and greater growth than salmon with salinity.


With this type of closed containment farming in the sea you can access new areas not previously suitable for farming. This is due to the fact that there is no emissions from the close containment cages. The landscaping on land is also less area-intensive, as most of the farm will lie in the sea. In Norwegian fjords where there has been a poor water flow, this can be an optimal solution


Salt Pixel has, on request from Eide Fjordbruk, made a video describing this innovative concept.